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Seattle Veterans Museum


"Hit the deck and give me twenty, Grunt!"

Don’t worry. We aren’t going to make you do any push-ups, but if you want to show off and knock some out for us, we’ll let you. Military life consists of lots of hard work and usually, lots of fun. We offer both as well, but the workload will be much easier than “humping” a fifty-pound rucksack up an endless hill. We have a lot of work to do, and can use your help. Below are some of the opportunities we offer for our wonderful volunteers:

Deck Chores and Latrine Digging. We have plenty of general labor duties: building mannequins and display cases, cleaning up old donated artifacts, typing duties, logging donations, membership paperwork, and the last job of every day – cleaning up the mess you just made!

Docents. One of our unique services SVM provides is the Traveling Museum. We often take a portion of our museum “on the road” to local community events or organizations to reach the public and let them see what we are all about. We will need several volunteers or staff members to haul and set up these displays and then act as spokesmen for the museum to explain the items in the display and also answer any questions visitors might have about our museum and its mission. This is one of the most rewarding parts of the job, sharing war stories with veterans that come by, or showing a young child what kind of uniform and gear their grandparent wore when they were in the service many years ago.

Fundraising Speakers. Frequently we will be going on fundraising “missions” to local organizations and businesses. We will always need a squad of good spokespersons to represent SVM and explain our organization, our mission and our request for their financial support to our efforts.

Camaraderie and Pride.

    “Founding this museum is the most important thing I have accomplished in my life. It will probably be the single proudest thing I ever do. I am fiercely proud of the fact that I am a Lieutenant in the Navy Reserve, but I am even more proud of starting this museum. Thanking Vets for their sacrifices…Honoring those that made the supreme sacrifice…and teaching kids what it all means. These noble goals are extremely important to our country, our kids, and our future. Join us. Do your share of the work, and feel ALL of the pride.”

Todd L. Crooks
Founder, Seattle Veterans Museum

Seattle Veterans Museum P. O. Box 82333 Kenmore, WA 98028 info@www.seattleveteransmuseum.org

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