..to the Seattle Veterans Museum…an unusual, unique and perhaps a bit bizarre, museum in Texas. You can find us down by the bay, right across from the U.S.S. Lexington on the main walkway. If this is your first visit to the bay area, you may want to see a map of our location.

Escape the ordinary! Come and explore the art, paintings, sculptures, crafts, ancient artifacts from Egypt, Rome, Europe, Asia, Near East, and the Americas. Discover the world’s ever changing cultures and their rituals as you view the exhibits.

Our pictures show just a peek of the strikingly awesome collections of canvas art, oil paintings and other priceless treasures from the continent of Africa. You can tour some of the collections via the internet by simply clicking on the oval buttons at the top. We feature authentic artifacts as well as replicas created by talented artists. While taking a stroll through the museum, you may just want to stop by the gift shop area to purchase postcards or keepsakes for friends and family

The next time you and your family plan a trip to the bay area, either heading over to the Texas State Aquarium or the U.S.S. Lexington, please extend your visit and treat yourself to the marvels of human culture at the Seattle Veterans Museum.

“Truly that which is the most bizarre is that which is real.”

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