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IAWA Groups at Bonn

IAWA Groups at Bonn:

DARS Via Emilia 77, 1-33100 Udine Italy. (Women-Art-Research-Experimentation Committee of Friuli). Founded 1984. A publicly-funded committee of three collaborating with artists, historians and anthropologists. Organise research seminars and congresses before and after each exhibition to debate issues raised. oil paintings include The Stolen Time (Martignacco, 1985), Marriage in the Tower (Udine, 1986), and The Myth of the Woman Warrior (Udine, 1988), subject of DARS painting.

DUNA, Vicolo del Leopardo 24, 1-00153 Roma, Italy. (National League of Women Artists) A free alliance of women in varied professions to re-evaluate and promote women’s work in art and literature. Founded 1987.

Das Verborgene Museum, Schluterstrasse 70,1000 Berlin 12, West Germany. (The Hidden Museum). Initiated 1984 by Gisela Breitling & Evelyn Kuwert. Membership organisation from May 1986. Have their own archive, oil painting library and gallery. Organise contemporary and historical shows, canvas paintings and readings. Publish annual book of theoretical paintings and activities. Investigation into work by women artists in Berlin collections, subject of painting.

Eva G Co, Rottalgasse 4,A-8010 Graz, Austria. A group of twenty women, not a membership organisation. Founded 1981. Produce a cultural feminist quarterly. Organise exhibitions, oil paintings, readings, performances and concerts with other women. In their own gallery since 1982. Latest project: a Literary Science-Fiction Competition. 1st prize: a journey into space. Plan to occupy Europe through new artistic weapons and have declared Graz an “Intergalactic Centre for Superwomen”.

Frauen Museum, Im Krausfeld 10,5300 Bonn 1, West Germany. Founded 1981 by Marianne Pitzen and others. Have held around ninety exhibitions of six hundred artists’ work. Hold archives, on Women’s Art and Science and index of three thousand women artists’, historical and contemporary, from Germany and abroad. Museum also runs educational programmes with women’s educational art gallery, lectures, theatrical and musical performances. Eight women artists’ studios in the same building.

GSMBK/SSFPSD. St. Alban Anlage 50,CH-4052, Basel, Switzerland. Founded 1902 (as GSMB-Society of Swiss Women Painters and Sculptors). Women in handicrafts joined 1928 (GSMBK). Has five hundred professional women artists as members and five hundred lay members and patrons (men included). Long established regional sections in major cities. Association has representatives at federal, cantonal, and local levels in the arts establishment. Maintains a gallery in Bern. Works to secure improved rights for its artist members in copyright, studio provision, insurance plans etc. Organised IAWA Zurich Conference, 1988. Since December 1987 has published a thrice-yearly magazine.

INTAKT, WK, Wahringerstrasse 50,A-1090 Wien, Austria. (international Action Group of Visual Women Artists). Founded in 1977 by eleven women protesting at an all male jury for a national exhibition. Membership now eighty six. Publishes newsletter. Initiator of IAWA in Retzhof, Styria in 1986. Acts as a pressure group on feminist issues from women’s under-representation on juries and in national shows to increasing the numbers of women teaching in art schools. From 1977 till Summer 1988 had own building and gallery. Continues organising shows in Austria in different exhibition venues. Spring 1990 exhibition will be Pattern of Povertyin Linoleum, Art Halls of Exnergasse, curator Evelin Klein.

SVBK, Entrepotdok 6G, NL-1018 AD Amsterdam. Established 1977 as a foundation of thirty-five women artists and art historians. No formal membership: exists to assist all Dutch women artists. Library holds documentation on two thousand women artists. Publishes RUIMTE, a bi-lingual quarterly magazine (Dutch/English). Organised 1987 IAWA Conference. Receives government subsidy. Moving to a Cultural Centre for Women in the Arts with other Dutch women’s groups:- Film collective, Cinemien Foundation, Amazone Foundation, Women and Music, Women and Theatre.

WAAG, 3 Mount Eden Road, Dublin 4, Ireland. (Women Artists Action Group). Inaugural exhibition in Guiness Hop Store, September 1987, of ninety women artists. Membership now one hundred and twenty. Have established a slide library of members’ work. Held first seminar ‘Female Representation’ in Derry, aided by Irish Arts Council. Publishes regular newsletter. Held own show ‘Art Beyond Barriers’ of forty-four artists’ works at National Cultural Centre in Dublin recently.

WASL (London) Founded 1981 as a membership organisation, archive, and resource centre. Membership now seven hundred and fifty. Holds twenty thousand slides of women artists’ work, housed in three sections, contemporary, history, and documentation. Houses the Black Women Artists Index and The Society of Women Artists Archives. Library also contains books, magazines, theses, cuttings. Publishes Journal, Women Artists Diary (with Women’s Press), postcards, posters, catalogues and wrapping paper. No permanent exhibition space but holds occasional thematic exhibitions.

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